Inga Timmermain portrait
Inga Timmerman

Inga Timmerman, an associate professor of finance in CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, has been named the first recipient of the Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship in Finance, for her finance expertise and work as an educator and researcher.

“It is a great honor to be selected for the Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship in Finance,” Timmerman said. “I had the chance to exchange a few emails with Dr. Scheuer’s husband, Ernest, and I cannot imagine a better leader and model to follow. One of my goals at CSUN is to encourage women to pursue careers in finance and financial planning. The professorship motivates me to work even harder on accomplishing it.”

The Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship in Finance is the first professorship at CSUN to honor a woman and supports a tenured faculty member, either a standout in research or teaching, who has demonstrated experience and scholarly research in the field of finance.

Timmerman joined CSUN in 2015, teaching personal finance and theory and practice of financial planning. Timmerman’s research focuses on corporate finance and financial planning. Her current projects explore the use and perceptions individuals have about the financial planning profession and the drivers that motivate people to save. As an educator, one of Timmerman’s main goals is to increase student interest in the financial planning profession.

“Dr. Timmerman is a dedicated teacher, advisor and researcher,” said Chandra Subramaniam, dean of the Nazarian College. “The knowledge and experience she shares with her students, peers and the community makes her a crucial member of our faculty and college. She is the ideal first recipient of the Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship in Finance.”

The Dr. Mary Jean Scheuer Endowed Professorship was created by Ernest M. Scheuer, a professor emeritus of both Management Science in the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics and Mathematics in the College of Science and Mathematics at CSUN, in honor of his wife, Mary Jean Scheuer.

Mary Jean Scheuer came to the Finance Department at the San Fernando Valley State College in 1967 after completing her doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. She was known to be a highly effective teacher and was a pioneer in the use of technology at that time. During her years as an educator, she pioneered the use of Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet (a precursor to Microsoft Excel) into courses in the Department of Finance. She had an insatiable appetite to learn new things, and earned a Master’s degree in 1976 from CSUN’s Department of Art History. She retired from the University in 1988 as Professor Emerita of Finance.

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