It was a warm and breezy afternoon as students and staff streamed onto the University Library Lawn for CSUN’s Big Show on March 12. It was CSUN’s first in-person Big Show since 2019 and the excitement was evident.

Big Show is an annual event organized by Associated Students (AS). It began in 2000 and has featured big acts such as rapper Tyga, A$AP Ferg and DJ Dillon Francis. This year, student DJs known as DJ Mac and duo Can2 B2B and Lost Vi$ual opened for L.A.-based rapper and headliner Blxst (pronounced ‘blast’).

As event-goers made their way toward the stage, many grabbed free Big Show T-shirts as the distant beat of the music rang through the air. For hungry concert-goers, there was a row of food trucks selling burgers, tacos, shaved ice and aguas frescas.​ There was also Blxst’s merchandise stand, with hoodies and T-shirts for sale. Near the stage, a photo booth offered students a chance to pose with fun props. For many, like freshman Taylor Clark, this was their first big event since starting at CSUN.

“This is my first year here, so I’ve never been able to do stuff like this before,” Clark said. “I’m looking forward to more events like this, more in-person events.”

Many sat in the shade under the trees or lined up for shaved ice. Before DJ Mac opened the show, a message from CSUN President Erika D. Beck played over the loudspeakers, wishing students a good time.

After Can2 B2b and Lost Vi$ual performed, the crowd became even more excited as they waited for Blxst to take the stage. The audience roared as he walked out, singing his song “Wrong Or Right.”

“I heard CSUN is the best school ever. Am I right?” Blxst shouted, riling the crowd up even more. The audience danced, cheered and sang along to every song for the rapper’s full set.

Blxst is a rapper, songwriter and record producer with his own record label, Evgle, which is partnered with Red Bull Records. Blxst was born and raised in Southern California and grew up in South Los Angeles.

Before finishing the show, Blxst had a final message for CSUN students.

“I know it takes a lot being in school and being dedicated, you know what I’m sayin? So make some noise for yourself for that! I want y’all to remain focused, remain dedicated, but most importantly, remain forever humble,” he said, before launching into his final song, “Forever Humble,” as confetti rained over the crowd.

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