At the Matador Bookstore Complex, the many students crowding to get their cap and gowns and lining up for photos could only be a sign of one thing: GradFest.

With 2024 graduation quickly approaching, seniors have started to prepare to leave CSUN and start a new chapter in their life, counting the days until the day of the ceremony.

GradFest was held on March 13 and 14 for seniors to buy equipment for graduation such as caps, gowns, graduation photos, sashes, graduation signs and other CSUN graduation items.

Graduating senior Laila In expressed her enthusiasm about the seniors approaching graduation.

“It’s really exciting because we have been in school our whole lives but it’s also nerve-wracking because it is the beginning of the rest of our lives,” she said.

Many seniors said graduating from CSUN is bittersweet.

“It’s exciting to start a new life because college is completely different from the real world,” said senior Adrian Cortes. “But these experiences will prepare me for the real world.”

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