This month, CSUN is honoring the history and achievements of women on campus as we celebrate Women’s History Month.

As of Fall 2023, 53% of our students on campus (both undergrad and graduate) identify as female. As of fall 2023, nearly 54% of students on campus (undergraduate and graduate) identify as female. Several student-run organizations represent female empowerment, such as the Alliance for Women In Entertainment, Women United, the Women’s Research & Resource Center and more. The CSUN community also boasts many sororities on campus sororities, where women enjoy a sense of sisterhood and forge lifelong friendships. 

As part of an ongoing series, CSUN Newsroom spoke to several students about how they embrace feminism and female empowerment, and how they reflect on women’s history. 

Frida Alvarado, 20, Junior: “Women’s History Month means being able to honor all of the women and all of their achievements from the past centuries. I feel like it’s very important that it’s being highlighted now because growing up, I don’t think we really talked about it in school. It’s really good that it’s being highlighted now, so that it’s giving people, or young girls, something to look up to.”

Analisa Venolia, 26, Graduate Student: “Women’s History Month is an opportunity to reflect on all the achievements and accomplishments of women who came before, but also a moment to recognize what still needs to be done. As much as progress has been made, there is so much more work to do to include all women in the fight for equality.”

Alissa Guevara, 30, Senior: “My experience at CSUN has empowered me to not be silenced. I know there are people who disagree with me, but it has helped me to have confidence and find myself even more, especially to be more visible as the (transgender) woman I am. It’s also made an impact in the science field and other departments on campus, where I try to be more visible. I am grateful for helping others to be their authentic selves. The hardest thing to wear is your own skin, and being comfortable in my own skin has been transformative.”

Aliyah Hinckley, 22, Senior: “To me, Women’s History Month means celebrating all the women who have made strides in history to put us women where we are today and the opportunities that we have.”

Arly Canizales Matute, 20, Junior: “I would say some of my role models include my mom and one of my middle school teachers. I believe she really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I used to be very shy and didn’t like socializing. I could hardly speak. I think she really helped me open up and see that I could make something of my life and stand up for myself.”

Julieta Flores Romero, 22, Senior: “To me, Women’s History Month is a month in which we are able to acknowledge the accomplishments of women both socially, professionally, and also just emotionally. Women do a lot in many areas that sometimes go unnoticed, and it’s really great to have a month where we can acknowledge that from multiple perspectives. You know, the experience of one woman is very different from another’s, and they’re all very valid and insightful, and we can all learn so much from each other.”

Kristin Yegoyan, 23, Senior: “I take immense pride in my journey of overcoming challenges that I have faced over the past seven years. Despite the hardships, I have remained kind, strong, open-minded, mature and wise. I’m proud of my mental, psychological and emotional growth.”

Emma Galloway, 20, Junior: “At CSUN, being a woman has opened many doors for me and even brought many great opportunities, but not because I’m a woman — because I do the work. Stevie Nicks once said, ‘Don’t be a lady, be a legend,’ and that is something that I can agree on. Putting in the work as a woman can be hard for people to recognize, but once it is recognized, it’s definitely rewarded.”

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