A teacher works with an elementary school student in class.
Photo credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock.

Barbara Halter ’76 (Psychology), ’85 (Credential) recently created a scholarship in honor of her mother-in-law, Bonnie H. Hightower, to support CSUN students pursuing careers in elementary education. 

Scholarships will be given through the 2027-28 academic year to students pursuing an elementary education credential in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education and who demonstrate financial need. 

Halter’s husband, Jeffrey Halter, was the widowed husband of Hightower’s only daughter, Helene. When Jeffrey died in 2019, Barbara Halter took care of Hightower, who died at age 102 in 2023.

Hightower’s wish was to provide charitable contributions to organizations that played an important role in the lives of both Hightower and Helene. Like them, Halter was an elementary school teacher, and this gift, shepherded by Halter to her alma mater, furthers their commitment to education. 

To create a fund of your own, please contact the CSUN Office of Development at (818) 677-7586 or development@csun.edu.


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