CSUN has launched a new Road Map to Sustainability that sets a framework for the next ten years to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions; increase energy efficiency in CSUN buildings and bring new, cleaner electricity sources to campus.

CSUN Sustainability staff, along with President Erika D. Beck and Vice President for Administration and Finance Colin Donahue unveiled the strategies for 2023-2033 on June 1 at the Orchard Conference Center. Sustainability staff members spent the last year gathering information from the CSUN community about its priorities and goals to continue reducing CSUN’s carbon footprint, conserve resources and promote sustainable practices.

This undertaking over the next decade will build on CSUN’s original ten-year plan that resulted in reduced water usage, significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, reduced utility consumption, numerous sustainability programs as well as the development of the sustainability minor and master programs.

The new plan has ten key focus areas, each with its own action plan to achieve university-wide goals. The ten areas include: cultivating sustainability; emissions; food systems; procurement; waste; education; energy; justice, equity, diversity and inclusion; transportation and water.

The new plan also aligns with the university’s Road Map to the Future, a plan unveiled by CSUN President Erika D. Beck in 2022 to advance academic excellence while promoting equity and inclusion.

For more information about CSUN’s Institute for Sustainability, check out its website.

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