Abortion will be a key issue for Latino voters during the 2024 elections, said CSUN political science professor Jason Morin. Photo credit mrolands, iStock.
CSUN prepares for 2024 United States Primary Election with BIG P.A.R.T.Y on March 5. Photo credit mrolands, iStock.

As election season approaches, CSUN Associated Students and Associated Students Productions is partnering with CSUN Act Now to encourage students to exercise their right to vote by prompting a “Youthquake,” a political movement from the younger crowd.

“By taking the initiative to vote, you’re getting informed on a lot of different things. Being educated and aware is already a big step,” said Mitul Kalra, chair of Associated Students legal affairs.

A voter registration drive will kick off with a tabling event on Feb. 20 during the farmers market at Matador Square, just west of the University Student Union (USU). This initial event aims to emphasize the significance of student participation in the upcoming primary elections scheduled for March 5. The tabling session on Feb. 20 will facilitate easy access to voter registration.

The tabling will be followed by a voting webinar from CSUN Act Now on Feb. 21. The League of Women Voters of Greater Los Angeles will be in attendance to emphasize why the primaries are so important, highlight Proposition 1 on the March 5 ballot, explain how to vote and what to do if you are a no party preference (non-partisan) voter and want to vote in the presidential primary. California Proposition 1 is the Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure, which would authorize bonds to build mental health treatment facilities and provide housing for the homeless.

The main event, “Big P.A.R.T.Y” (Political Awareness, Registration, Turnout, Youthquake), will take place on primary election day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. within the farmers market. Embracing the theme “Cultural Identities in America,” the initiative encourages greater expression of cultural perspectives among voters. There will be games, raffles, an art walk featuring students’ artwork and representation from various cultural organizations. The event will feature the presence of Assembly member Pilar Schiavo, a field representative for Mayor Karen Bass and another field representative for State Senator Caroline Menjivar, a CSUN alumna.

Voting just got a lot easier. To further facilitate student voting, CSUN recently installed a permanent voting drop box just outside Redwood Hall facing the E5 parking lot. This box enhances convenience for students, emphasizing the importance of every vote.

For first-time voters, Kalra encourages seeking representatives aligned with personal values and morals.

“Look for representatives that align with your beliefs and will fight for you,” Kalra said.

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